How long will it take to finish my website? It depends on the type of website you are getting done. Some websites can be complete in just 24-48 hours and some are more complex than others which means they will take longer to finish. Either way we pride ourselves in working fast as possible to have your website up and running. We will always keep you updated thorough out the entire process of building your website.

Do I have to call you on the phone to discuss the website? Web design is a remote job and it does not require talking on the phone. I prefer if we talk via email and text only so if you don’t like talking no worries! We make it very simple to get your project completed, and will send you a detailed email of everything you need to do to get started on your website. You can complete the steps anytime you want and if you need additional help I am always available via email or text. If you insist on chatting via video or phone call, you can book a time slot here.

Can I send in my own graphics for my website? Yes if you already have professionally designed graphics/logo for your brand, I can design you a theme around your graphics and put it all together. I can also create you some simple logo’s and graphics if needed, just to get your site up and running, that you can replace later, anytime you want.

Do I need professional photos for my website? No you do not need professional photos but high quality photos for your products and services will always make your website look better and will help drive more sales. Customers will also know that you mean business and that you are professional.

What all will I need to get started? To get started you will need to purchase a domain, hosting, SSL, and private email from Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostgator, or whatever is your desired hosting service. Depending on your budget it will cost around $30+ for all of those things. I can walk you through the process to make sure you’re not being over charged. Once you purchase all of the required items, then I will do the rest to get your site up and running.

What payments do you accept? We accept all major credit cards through our payment processor Stripe. We also use CashApp/Squarecash if you prefer. At the time we do not accept Paypal.

If I don’t like my website can you change it? As we work on the website we will update you on how things are going so you can suggest any changes you’d like to make. You can make any changes to the design of the website before it officially goes live til we get it to your liking. Once it goes live we can’t make any changes unless you pay an extra website management fee.

Can you manage my website for me? Yes if you are busy and would prefer for someone to run your website for you while you just worry about other things, then we can do that for you. We can add products, update stock, change order statuses, and update any website designs and changes you’d like. See here for more info.

Do I have to pay upfront for the website? Yes all of our wesbites require you to pay upfront as you are paying for the time it takes to design and code your site. If we do not fulfil our end of the bargain (creating you a website) then we will offer a full refund.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like my website? As previously stated your website will only go live with your approval first. We will gladly make any tweaks to accommodate you during the design process. We only offer refunds if we for some reason can’t complete your website which then you will be offered a full refund.